Webcast on Verbal Presentation Skills Available for Download

Webcast on Verbal Presentation Skills Available for Download

Professor Shadel’s Webscast for ALI/ABA entitled Public Speaking and Oral Advocacy: How To Do It Well! was originally presented live via webcast for ALI-ABA. The course qualifies for CLE credit and is now available for download. Visit the course page at ALI ABA to download the presentation.

Why Attend?

“[A]t a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy.” Jerry Seinfeld

Public speaking is an essential skill that you as a lawyer must master, even if you will never set foot in a courtroom. You must be able to articulate ideas succinctly and persuasively in order to attract clients, communicate ideas in meetings, train younger lawyers, impress supervisors—and, of course, win in court.

But many attorneys spend their days communicating exclusively through writing or e-mail, and find themselves tongue-tied when suddenly confronted with a live audience. Public speaking can be an intimidating exercise, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little advance preparation (and a little more rehearsal), anyone can become an effective public speaker.

Taught by a lawyer and professor of oral advocacy from the University of Virginia School of Law, the seminar offers a step-by-step approach for writing and delivering effective oral presentations.

What You Will Learn

Topics include:

  • Gaining the trust of the audience (lessons from Aristotle)
  • How to write an effective presentation
  • Making listeners care about what you have to say
  • Gestures and body language
  • Using your voice effectively
  • Handling stage fright
  • How to bring a presentation to life

This interactive program, first presented on October 28, 2010, gives you the opportunity to submit your questions in advance and/or during the program for discussion by Professor Shadel during live audio Q&A at the end of the program.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for lawyers from all practice areas. Any attorney interested in honing public speaking skills can benefit from the program.

Here’s what registrants have said about this course:

“Professor Shadel was spectacular!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I enjoyed Professor Shadel’s teaching style and her personality as it came through during the program. Thank you, Professor!.”

“Speaker was exceptionally good. Great presentation and information.

“Outstanding CLE. One of the best that I have ever attended

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